In 1996, at Universidade Gama Filho, Taquara Campus, North Region of Rio de Janeiro, with the support of Professors Pedro Gama Filho and Paulo Jardim along with the precursors and founders of the Jiu-Jitsu team: Professors Julio Cesar, Marcus Bello and Alexandre Barauna, who gave the first steps for the growth and expansion of Jiu-Jitsu. 

Initially, the work was developed at UGF Taquara, and afterwards, as the space was getting smaller in comparison to the team’s growth, it got transferred to UGF campus Piedade, which offered a better infrastructure. Around the same time, an affiliate started at Vila da Penha, outskirts of Rio, and expanding to another state, Sergipe, in its capital Aracaju, with Professor Marcus Bello. 

It’s important to highlight the importance of Professors Pedro Gama Filho and Paulo Jardim on this process, that all the time offered support to the team and our athletes, giving scholarships, covering their needs as they could, contributing to the team’s growth. 

Through the Professors Julio Cesar, Marcus Bello and Alexandre Baraúna, started the shaping and generation of accredited Black Belts. Growing the affiliates, expanding the team throughout Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and abroad. 

With the team’s professionalization, expanding its horizons not only for the jiu-jitsu’s athlete, but also to MMA athletes. It was noticed the need to change the team’s name, because we could not tie MMA to a teaching institution. On top of that, with the deceasing of Professor Pedro Gama Filho, we lost the UGF’s support, and then began the transitions and reformulations of the team. And that’s how GFTeam (Grappling Fight Team) arose. 

In less than two years, GFTeam was consolidated. Keeping on the work, expanding even more. 

Nowadays, the team counts with more than 250 representatives spread worldwide, with the perspective of even more growth. 

The headquarters now is located at Meier, North Region of Rio de Janeiro, counting with an estruture that supports all the athletes.